Video Lesson: How to Conjugate Regular Present Tense Verbs

In this module, you'll be learning how to conjugate verbs. In my opinion, understanding how verbs work in Spanish is the key to fluency, which is why I start with it right from the beginning.

You’ll learn how to correctly conjugate -AR, -ER, and -IR verbs to match the subject, so you can stop walking around talking like a caveman. I’ll also give you my insider tips on the most common Spanish mistakes made by native English speakers when conjugating verbs and how to avoid them.

After completing Module 1, you’ll walk away with: 
→ the most important building block of a Spanish sentence, i.e.
the verb, so you can begin communicating after just Week 1!

Here are the topics we’ll cover in this video:

  • Why are verbs so important in Spanish?
  • Subject pronouns
  • The three types of verbs in Spanish: -AR, -ER, -IR
  • Present tense for -AR endings
  • Present tense for -ER endings
  • Present tense for -IR endings
  • Common mistakes when conjugating

Ready to get started? Click “play” and let’s learn about verbs!

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